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First Frames

Photograph by Bill Alkofer


I was able to make this picture because I was paying attention to Dr. Dando in my Geography 101 class. He taught us that in a large metropolitan area, heat is generated from the pavement, concrete and buildings. This is called the Urban Heat Island. Shortly after sunset, the heat rises while at the same time, cool air descends from the troposphere. Approximately 10 minutes after the sun goes down, something called the Temperature Inversion Layer is created, causing wind speeds to increase by 20-25 percent. Siri told me that sunset was at 7:59.

Before going into the football stadium for commencement, the seniors at Wilson High School were frisked. They were also told to take off their shoes for inspection. I quickly looked at the program to make sure that Richard Reid wasn't listed among the graduates.

I was hoping to get some photos of kids emoting when they walked into the stadium for graduation. I recognized these four kids from the basketball team. They always had good jubo.
I shot the picture and went to get their names. The first kid was named Jimmy Gaffney, the next was named Tyrone Jackson. But the third kid's name was giving me problems. Pomp and Circumstance was playing loudly and I was having trouble getting the right spelling for Ke'Shawn. He sees me writing the name down incorrectly three times. "No, there's an apostrophe after the "e" and the "S" is capitalized," he said. "It's Shawn - not shon." I eventually grabbed the kid's name card, looked at the tiny print and had to put on my eyeglasses.
His buddy said: "You know your name is ghetto when the photographer has to put on his glasses."


Photograph by Tom Olmscheid

The dam is open at Lake Minnetonka and the water of Minnehaha Creek is beginning to creep over its banks into the yards of homes as it makes its way fast and furious over Minnehaha Falls to the Mississippi River.


Story behind the "Tank Man" Photo


Robert Capa's D–Day

I met John Morris, the narrator, years ago when he was on a book tour.


Attack on New Ulm

Photograph by Tom Olscheid

ArtServe employee, Garth Thompson-Vieira carries one end of the 82 x 106 inch painting of the Attack on New Ulm down an east wing hallway of the State Capitol to be crated for storage. Painted in 1904 by Anton Gag, the artwork hung at one end of Room 118 that was often used by the Rules Committee of the House of Representatives during the later part of a legislative session. Over forty paintings will be removed and put into storage for the next two years during the restoration of the State Capitol. Click here for more photos of work at the capitol.



Photograph by Tom Olscheid


Kristy Pauling holds seven-year-old Katelyn’s hand in the House of Representatives gallery while members attempt to amendment and then give speeches for and against a Medical Cannabis Bill. Katelyn is diagnosed with Battens Disease and suffers from intolerable seizures. After five hours of debate the House passed the bill 86-39.



Photograph by Tom Olmscheid


Ethiopian’s of the Oromo community in Minnesota and other supporters rally at the Capitol May 9 for the U.S. government to condemn the killings and imprisonment of Oromo students of the country’s Oromia state. The students have been protesting against the taking of land from poor Oromia land owners by the Ethiopian government to expand the capitol, Addis Ababa.



Photograph by bill alkofer

Thursday was “National Day of Prayer” so our staff visited various places of worship to take pictures of people praying.

I went to the Wasamakidhamaram Buddhist Temple and took pictures of the Venerable Werayut Tongsin meditating.
But he seemed more interested in my vocation.
There was a language barrier, but I think he wanted to know if I knew of any photography job openings.
Alas, the pictures he took were kind of shaky.
He probably needs to calm down.




Stick House

Photograph by Craig Lassig



Yes We Cannabis

Photograph by Tom Olmscheid


Michael Heil who was exposed to toxic chemicals that damaged his lungs and now suffers chronic pain throughout his body came to the “Yes We Cannabis” rally in the State Capitol Rotunda, April 23, in support of the legalization of marijuana in Minnesota. Heil gets relief from his pain by ingesting or vaporizing marijuana. He is moving to Colorado May 1 where recreational marijuana consumption is legal.




Photograph by Tom Olmscheid


A young woman, umbrella in hand, crosses the intersection of Hamline & Burke Avenues in Roseville on her way to the Ramsey County Library during a mid-April snow flurry.




Photographs by Bill Alkofer

Chances are that if you have a newspaper gig, that at least once a week you'll get to shoot a festival, ribbon cutting or tournament (especially if you work Saturdays). You get to know the mini-donut guy and the kettle korn dude by first name. You share a smoke with the beefcake fella in the Event Staff t-shirt. ("Hey look, Dave. The Balloon Clown has a new rubber nose.")

Herewith, some jollifications.

On St. Patrick's Day weekend, students at Millikan High School held their 5th Annual St. Badricks's Day Festival. Volunteers shaved their heads to raise money for cancer research. MORE PHOTOS



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Enlightening Devices

Photographs by Tom Olmscheid



Florida Ball

Photos by Tom Dahlin











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